January 17, 2023 1 min read

A by-product of making delicious coffee is the ground up coffee thats left in our filter at the end.

Most of us just throw it in the bin, or perhaps the food waste bin. Now this is fine as its an organic matter and will decompose and add to the fertility of the soil. But we could argue it needs fuel to get transported to the recycling centre and then fuel for it to be processed etc.

At home I usually add mine to my compost pile. My compost pile consists of grass, leaves and some dirt and vegetable waste. Add some lime and then throw it around the plants. Rose plants love it. Really great of you grow carrots too.

I often think a great business idea would be to collect all the coffee waste from London's cafe's, which would be tonnes daily, and create a coffee compost brand.

But at home we can recycle our coffee waste and if you want more just ask your local cafe, they will happily give your their coffee waste.

To see our range of coffee waste bins head over to Coffee Hit.

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