January 17, 2023 3 min read

Today we’re going to be looking at the benefits, unique traits, and general features of three models of coffee scales from the ever excellent Coffee Gear.

The importance of coffee scales cannot be understated; measuring the right amount of coffee for every cup is essential when you’re creating that perfect brew.

However, which pair of scales is going to be right for you and fit your coffee producing purpose? Are you a coffee barista looking for commercial digital scales, or are you looking to formulate a great coffee taste from the comfort of your own home?

Our three models each have individualities that make them suitable for casual consumers and coffee connoisseurs alike.

Read about them below and decide which set of Coffee Gear coffee scales will offer you the most advantages when you’re discovering the best quantity of coffee for true coffee quality.

Coffee Gear Digital Bench Scale

The design and functionality of our Digital Bench Scale from Coffee Gear simply can’t be overlooked. It features a green backlit LCD screen for easy visibility, a 15x15 platform size and a new 1x9V already included.

Boasting a user-friendly appearance whilst retaining a professional feel to it, the Digital Bench Scale has the brilliant capacity to operate just as efficiently at a coffee café and as it does at home when pouring for yourself and impressed family and friends.

This model is built to hold portafilters at your leisure (one at a time), can sustain a weight of up to 2kg – which is a substantial weight in coffee brewing – and also has an accuracy of 0.1g to ensure that your preferred coffee measurements are always on point.

It’s imperative that your coffee scales are sturdy and won’t slide around or take up too much room in your kitchen space where you’re busy making hot beverages. This is why the Digital Bench Scale has a slim, compact design while also featuring chunky rubber feet to make sure it stays in its assigned vicinity on your worktop.

Coffee Gear Digital Dose Scale

Our Digital Dose Scale is niche, nifty and ultra-trendy. This item always proves popular with people who want their coffee gear to look as good as their coffee tastes.

This mini pocket scale is so convenient for coffee goers on the move who want to weigh the ideal extraction for their espresso cup. Additionally, it can also display the dose sought when weighing from your filter basket.

The design consists of a tilted display for enhanced viewing and a blue backlit LCD to fantastically complement its stylish and contemporary appearance. You’ll also see that straight away as two AAA batteries are, of course, included.

This reliable device has a weight capacity of 500g and matches the 0.1g accuracy found across the range of Coffee Gear with ease – because precision can’t be underestimated if you take pride and joy from getting your coffee hit justright.

The weight platform is just 7cm x 7cm, but the Digital Dose Scale operates at a level of class far beyond any notions of small frame novelty.

Coffee Gear Digital Brew Scale

 The Coffee Gear Digital Brew Scale represents a more advanced model than its predecessor, and can now consider itself yet another masterpiece in the Coffee Gear line of coffee scales.

The Digital Brew Scale has sturdier, stronger buttons to ensure higher durability, longer usability and easier general use. It also features a large platform crafted especially for high quality brewing purposes.

The backlit display is large, has a vibrant green LCD screen, and has been designed to ensure simple, unstrained screen reading.

Innovatively, the case can also be used to protect the scale while it’s being used; which, ultimately, also protects the coffee on the scale from any impurities in the air, and from being swept away entirely.

The weight platform is 10x10cm, meaning that while it can be used for barista purposes, it will mainly serve you and your coffee-refined taste buds best through home use. It can read up to 2kg of coffee volume with an accuracy of 0.1g – again offering the precision of the second decimal point.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the Coffee Gear scales and have a stronger idea of which impressive model would suit your coffee tools kit best.

If your coffee enthusiasm is simmering nicely, take a look at more of our amazing items from our Coffee Brewing and Barista Tools sections.

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