January 17, 2023 2 min read

A coffee grinder is a great purchase and will bring you many years of coffee drinking joy. But just as important as the case of purchase is the access to get your grinder serviced or repaired.

As with anything that has moving parts and motors etc it will at some point need to either be serviced, repaired or both.

Some parts will wear down over time, especially plastic parts. Motors can sometimes fail, plastic bits may break. You may drop it, you may grind a rock. Someone may put water down it. 

Yes we've seen them all!

Fix Your Grinder

Buying from a reputable company that can fix your grinder is a really important part of where you buy your grinder.

You want a company who has been around a while and has a history of fixing coffee grinders. You also, as a part of your research, want to make sure the coffee grinder can be serviced if broken. You'd be surprised at the number of home grinders that have to just be thrown away as they are not repairable. Scandalous! 

Baratza Grinders

Here at Coffee Hit we sell Baratza grinders. The entire range can be repaired from any state of dis-repair. We have a large stock of parts and in-house technicians who can repair any baratza grinder. 

We collect your grinder, we repair it and we return it back to you. In warranty we do this for free, if out of warranty we have reasonable charge for this service.

Upgrade Your Baratza Grinder

We also offer a Upgrade service, so if your Baratza Encore is dead and you'd like to upgrade to a Baratza Sette 270Wi , we will buy your old, dead Encore  and send you a shiny new Sette 270Wi. We then fix your old Encore and re-sell it so someone else can enjoy it again.

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