January 17, 2023 3 min read

We have three models available from the consistently brilliant Brewista. They all offer fantastic results, are easy to use, and each would look spectacular adorning your coffee brewing station.

They all come with a 1.2L capacity, and are all structured with a brushed stainless steel to ensure years of impeccable use. To make them even more endurable, they each come with a Cafetto Descaler to help keep your kettle in an immaculate condition.

However, as you progress through the advancements in model, you’ll notice that the excellent and unique features begin to come to the foreground of the model’s repertoire of benefits; this accounts for the various resources used in their production and therefore the differences in price.

Find out more about our silver beacons of coffee glory and decide which model could prove to be a vital component in the sublime coffee experience that you’re searching for.

Brewista SmartPour Kettle with Temperature Gauge

The stove top pouring kettle represents a design that’s tailored for the easy and effective functionality that Brewista is renowned for.

It has a gooseneck spout that’s curved to ensure easy pouring and minimal risk of spillage.

To compliment this, it also has an ergonomically balanced handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip when adding perfectly boiled water to your coffee or tea brew.

The quality of water is often underestimated when coffee brewing. Find out what you need to ensure your water is at optimum freshness and condition with ourspeciality items.

An analogue temperature gauge, that reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius, is built into the lid of the kettle for your convenience, so that you may read the temperature in the measurement mode that you prefer.

This kettle is ideal for stove heating, either gas or electric, and can also be used on induction plates.

Brewista SmartPour Switch Kettle with Temperature Gauge

Our Switch SmartPour is an all-electric kettle that boasts an analogue thermometer which provides a precise temperature in both ℉ and ℃ with the simple press of a button; after all, there’s no need for any unnecessary complications in this process.

This kettle also has cord free usability. This can be very convenient when you want to move more freely and without the restriction of a wire in your way – which can result in awkward movement, or avoidable spilling accidents.

As well as its prominent on-and-off flick switch, the Switch SmartPour also has an auto-off function that turns off and cools down the kettle if it’s left without any use for over one hour.

Brewista Smart Brew Digital Kettle 1.2l

This kettle is, simply put, a pouring masterpiece.

A truly premium model in the Brewista line, the Smart Brew retains everything that make its predecessors so great, while also being able to offer new and stunning features that will revolutionise the way you make coffee.

Its digital operating system isn’t just there to help this kettle look incredible. This system allows you to adjust the temperature down to the minutest detail – even letting you view the water’s temperature on the LCD screen when the power is off.

The Smart Brew also has an auto-start feature that allows you to set a certain time at which the kettle will reach a temperature of your preference.

This means that if you like having a delicious morning coffee to help you get ready for the day, you can set the kettle to turn on and reach a selected temperature at the early hour of your choosing.

Additionally, this kettle’s convenient temperature utilisation will be very useful if you know you have guests arriving at a particular time, as you can then set the temperature to be at boiling point and ready to pour upon their arrival. This could help your guests get settled in and comfy straight away.

Finally, the Smart Brew also allows you to pre-set multiple temperatures for your convenience.

This means if you generally enjoy your tea and coffee at different temperatures, or if you prefer a slightly cooler coffee than usual for quicker consumption on a rushed, busy morning, then this kettle will prove to be a lifesaver.

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