January 17, 2023 2 min read

When we started out in 2008, there was only Coffee Hit and maybe one or two other companies selling coffee grinders for Specialty Coffee. But, as more and more people started to enjoy café-style coffee at home, the number of places to buy coffee grinders has increased, and now there are many places you could purchase grinders from.

However, not all coffee grinder retailers are alike, and, as a grinder can be a significant investment - and a vital piece of your brewing kit! - you need to buy from an expert with a proven aftersales service to make sure you get the best quality grinder for your needs. 

Who Should I Buy My Coffee Grinder From?

At Coffee Hit, we aim to make the brewing process as simple and enjoyable an experience for our customers as possible. That's why we take time to roadtest every piece of kit first - we will only stock products that we can be confident are good quality, intelligently built, made to last and will enhance your experience.

As you can see in our comprehensive guide to coffee grinders, there is a wide variety of coffee grinders available, each suited for different brew methods and budgets. You could choose from:

You get the idea; there are a lot of grinders to choose from. So you want someone who can help guide you to make the correct choice, a coffee expert you can speak to, who will listen to what you need and help guide you to making the right choice for your preferences.

And that is where we can help. At Coffee Hit, our team of coffee experts are on hand by phone, chat or email to offer you advice to help you buy the best coffee grinder for you.

We understand this is an important investment and even have an in house technical department to help you troubleshoot any problems or repair your grinder if need be.


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