January 17, 2023 1 min read

The aim of any grinder is to take your whole bean coffee and turn it into a crushed uniform powder.

Then you have two types of grinders to achieve this: Blade grinder or burr grinder.

The one you should be choosing is the burr grinder.So why is this better?

First, we will explain what happens in a blade grinder.

A blade grinder is essentially two little blades that will spin at high velocity. In the same way a blender works. You dont have any ability to control the size of the grind size. What this essentially does is chop the bean like you were using a knife. It creates small splinters that don't brew your coffee that well.

A burr grinder is two burrs that essentially crush the beans into a size that you choose. Crushed coffee brews much better than coffee through a blade grinder.

So in summary a burr grinder is much better because they crush the coffee rather than cutting it up into small splinters. It also allows you to control the particle size.

Read about flat or conical burr grinders. 

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