January 17, 2023 2 min read

It may be that you’ve decided that pre-ground coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore or maybe you’re thinking that you’d really like to up your brewing game. No matter the reason for deciding to buy a coffee grinder, there’s some important information you need to know before you invest. Which is why the Coffee Hit team have gathered everything you need to know about coffee grinders.

Burr or blade?

If you have a look at our stock of coffee grinders, you’ll notice that they’re all burr grinders. That’s because we don’t think that blade grinders have any place in a home barista set up. While they might be convenient and cheap, they leave your coffee tasting unbalanced and stop you from getting consistent brews. That’s because the blades create different sized grounds, which will then brew at different rates.

Burr grinders deliver a far more superior grind, and you can pick up a hand burr grinder for the same price as an electric blade one. Burr grinders work by passing the coffee beans between two metal or ceramic burrs which crush and grind it into coffee grounds. They are also easily adjustable, so you can be more adventurous with your brewing.

Grind settings

Your grind setting relates to the piece of equipment you’ll be using to brew your coffee. Each brewing method needs a different coarseness to achieve that optimum coffee taste.

French press – very coarse

Pour over – coarse

Drip coffee – coarse to medium

Siphon – fine

Espresso – very fine

Turkish – extremely fine.

Dosing and non-dosing

Non-dosing (or on demand) grinders work by delivering a single, measured dose of coffee grounds. This makes them ideal if you are using an espresso machine or are just making enough coffee for one or two people. They also reduce wastage, as once coffee is ground it starts to lose its flavour.

Dosing coffee makers are great for making large batches of freshly ground coffee. So, if you regularly make coffee for more than two people, they can be great time savers.

Hand grinders and electric grinders

Hand grinders do just that, they allow you to grind your coffee beans by hand, adding a tactile experience to your coffee routine. They are also great if you want to grind a fresh brew away from home as they are compact and portable. Don’t let their compactness fool you though. They are mighty bits of kit. The Etzinger etz-1 is easy to use and clean, and its 32mm burrs can be adjusted to 88 different grind settings!

Electric grinders offer a less labour-intensive grinding experience because they use motors to grind their beans. And they’re much quicker if you’re making coffee for a few people. Good electric grinders aren’t cheap, but they are an excellent investment for anyone who savours freshly made coffee.

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