January 17, 2023 2 min read

The Baratza Vario range is like coffee grinder royalty, gracing the kitchens of ground coffee lovers since 2007, but the latest upgrade makes the Baratza Vario W+ a must have addition to any coffee making set up.

Why you need the new Baratza Vario W+

To put it simply, the Vario W+ is perfectly engineered to provide a finely tuned coffee experience. We don’t say that lightly! The latest in the Vario W range has intuitive micro/macro adjustments that offer 220 distinct and repeatable settings for that perfect cup of Joe.

How does it do that? Firstly, there are the 54mm flat steel burrs (ceramics are available if you want to customise your grinder), powered by a powerful, high torque engine that effortlessly grinds the burrs coolly and quietly.

Won you over yet? We’ll continue…

The Baratza Vario W+ is a real-time weight-based grinder (yes, the W stands for weight), which can accurately dose to within one-tenth of a gram. This makes it extremely versatile, from precision dosing for espressos to grinding a batch for pour-overs or electric coffee makers. And, with 3 pre-sets, it’s ideal for home baristas who like to switch between different brewing methods.

Can you tell that we love it?

This coffee grinder simply does all the hard work for you. Its innovative bean shut off means you can switch it on and walk away, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have any coffee wastage. Incorporating no-fuss hopper removal and easily cleanable burrs, it makes grinding your favourite beans effortless.

If you think it’s time to wake up and smell some gorgeously ground coffee, the Baratza Vario W+ is the electric grinder you need in your kitchen.

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