January 17, 2023 2 min read

Every coffee lover dreams of that perfect cup; that brew that makes your mouth water and satisfies every one of your senses. It’s the reason you go to visit your favourite barista time and time again. So, imagine if you could create the same sensations from home. If there was a commercial coffee grinder that fitted perfectly in your kitchen!

Well, the search is over! Here is why you should upgrade to the Baratza Forte grinder.

Meet the Baratza Forte

The Baratza Forte combines commercial grinding prowess with a sleek and sturdy metal body that sits perfectly next to your coffee machine. Despite having a small footprint, this machine is mighty, incorporating everything you could want from a grinder in one package.

The first thing that strikes you about the Forte is its versatility. Its 54mm flat ceramic burrs offer an impressively broad range of grind (230 microns to 1150 microns) and it comes with a set of 54mm steel burrs too, for when you want to brew a drip coffee.

And the burrs are a doddle to change and clean. So, before we even carry on, that’s a metal and ceramic grinder in one!

Grind to weight or time

The Forte has a built-in scale, which sits beneath the anti-static bin, allowing you to grind just the right amount for your pour-over or filter coffee. And, for the espresso lovers out there, it also offers the ability to grind by time, meaning no overflowing portafillers. You can even convert weight to time, enabling you to really dig deep into creating an exceptional espresso. Plus, the multiple programmable presets make it easy to recreate your favourite grind.

Fast and consistent

This grinder is fast, grinding at an average of 2.0g/sec for espresso and 3.6g/sec for press pot. But it does it with a quiet consistency thanks to its larger gear to belt ratio and efficient DC motor.

As an extra touch of quality, the macro and micro adjustment system is all metal, giving a feeling of confidence and security as you pick your grind setting. With 10 distinct and repeatable macro settings and 26 macro settings, you’ll be able to fine tune your grind to brew mouth-watering cups of Joe in no time.

Is it time to upgrade?

If you want to take the way you treat your favourite coffee beans up a notch, we think you can’t go far wrong with investing in a Baratza Forte. It’s literally the boss of grinders!

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