Coffee Grinders

What could be better on a Sunday morning than the smell of a freshly brewed coffee wafting through the floor-boards to tickle your sleepy nose? Nothing, right? And do you know what would make that coffee taste even better? Knowing that you'd made it yourself, and not from a packet of instant you've just picked up from the supermarket.

Here at Coffee Hit, we have all the tools you need to make that little dream a reality with our excellent range of coffee grinders from an assortment of key industry brands such as Baratza and Hario at affordable prices. We can help turn even the most amateur coffee maker into a 'bit of a whiz' with our extensive selection that, fortunately, do not require a Mensa membership card to operate.

From electric grinding machines to hand grinders and drop coffee alternatives, we have something for everyone in our extensive range of coffee grinding products.

Our electric coffee grinder range includes machines that fit readily into any kitchen setting, providing ease of use and set up for even the most novice of coffee fans. We also stock brewing equipment for the more experienced individual, with machines that will slot into commercial properties such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. They come with several in-built grind settings giving you the option to perfect the perfect brew whilst not compromising on the taste and flavour of the bean.

Specialising in commercial and private use, we also stock a range of brewing machines that cater for specific coffee types, such as our Baratza Preciso for those with a penchant for espresso. Our DIP Shop Grinder DK-30 also delivers fantastically on its premie by being a key tool for those looking to brew on a large scale.

We also have several hand grinding devices, which although at first may sound time consuming and laborious, in reality actually make the grinding of coffee beans a real treat, thanks in no small part to the master craftsmanship of the range of products.

So, sit back, ditch the packet of instant and peruse our delightful range of coffee grinders!