Fellow Opus Burr Grinder


Say Hello to the Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder 

Discover how a great grinder can change the game for your brew.Introducing the Fellow Opus,a rareall-purpose grinder that unleashes the full potential of your coffee, catering to every brewing style imaginable, from authentic espresso to the coarsest cold brew. The Opus’ versatility means it can be used to produce espresso for electric coffee makers, French press, pour-over and AeroPress. 

Experience unparalleled grind consistency and flavour with Opus' high-torque motor and 6-blade burr set, offering 41+ precision settings which are easily adjustableto produce the perfect grind every time.  

A Classy and Highly Functional Grinder 

Opus is crafted tokeep your countertopclean and classy while delivering exceptional functionality. With features like a volumetric dosing lid for precise bean measurement for up to 12 cups of brewed coffee, a spouted catch for mess-free operation, anti-static technologytominimise retention,an inner ring for expanded range and granularity,and a grind guide for effortless navigation to ensure you’re never lost, Opus ensures a seamless and stylish coffee grinding experience which is hard to beat. 

Features of the Fellow Opus 

  • 41+ precision settings with an intuitive grind guide 

  • Anti-static technology 

  • C6-40 Burly Burrs™: 6-blade 40 mm conical burrs 

  • 6 Nm of torque 

  • 350 RPM burr speed 

  • Timedautostop 

  • Magnetic catch cup 

  • Low grind retention 

  • 110-gram load bin capacity 

  • Single dose loading for maximumfreshness 

  • Aspouted catch for easy transitions 

  • Compact height and footprint 

Details and Specifications 

Usage: Opus was designed for grinding for espresso, pour-over, electric coffee makers, French press, AeroPress®, and cold brew. 

Brand: Fellow 

Model: Opus 

Colour: Matte Black/White 

Dimensions (LxWxH): 210 mm x 129 mm x 268 mm 

Weight: 4 lb / 1.81 kg 

Grinds capacity: 110 g 

Cord length: 1m 

Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz 

Materials: High quality ABS/PC/PP plastics, stainless steel burr set