Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer with Temperature Alert - Rhino Set Temp Probe

Introducing the Rhino Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer, the perfect tool for achieving barista-quality frothy milk every time. Say goodbye to burnt milk and uneven temperatures with this handy device. 

This thermometer boasts a sleek design and accurate temperature readings, making it easy to achieve the ideal frothing temperature for your lattes and cappuccinos. The easy-to-read digital display and precise measurements ensure that you can create the perfect creamy froth with ease.

With the Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer, you can impress your guests with cafe-worthy drinks in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional barista, this thermometer is a must-have tool for your coffee-making arsenal.

Get your hands on the Rhino Digital Milk Frothing Thermometer today and elevate your coffee game to new heights! Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfectly frothed milk every time. Elevate your coffee experience with this innovative tool. Order now and start enjoying delicious, frothy drinks in the comfort of your own home!


  • Audio and visual gauge for optimal convenience 
  • Set desired temp and it will beep once reached
  • Fast and accurate temperature readings
  • Secure stainless steel clip
  • 13cm x 5 inches
  • Can be re-calibrated.

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