Hand Grinder for AeroPress - Rhino Compact Manual Coffee Grinder

Discover the joy of hand grinding with our Rhino compact hand coffee grinder! This sleek and portable grinder is the perfect companion for your AeroPress Coffee Maker, ensuring a perfectly ground coffee every time. The Rhino V4 model features durable stainless steel conical burrs, adjustable grind settings, and a convenient AeroPress adapter for seamless brewing.

Say goodbye to noisy electric grinders and hello to the satisfying experience of hand grinding your coffee beans. Feel the connection with your coffee as you manually grind your beans to your desired coarseness. The compact design makes it perfect for travel, camping, or simply enjoying a fresh cup of coffee at home.

Experience the difference in flavor and aroma that comes from freshly ground coffee. Elevate your coffee routine with the Rhino compact hand coffee grinder and indulge in the rich and complex flavors of your favorite beans. Start your day off right with a fresh cup of coffee made with love and care. Treat yourself to the best cup of coffee you've ever had with our Rhino hand coffee grinder!


  • Compact size and sleek design: body fits in an AeroPress
  • Hex key handle locator keeps handle from slipping while grinding coffee
  • Quality conical ceramic burrs for consistent grind
  • Easily adjustable for a wide range of grind types
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Includes a convenient and protective carry bag
  • Superior particle size distribution

A couple of helpful hints for adjusting the appropriate grind:

- For grind to suit an Aeropress, tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn
- For French Press, ease off 1.5 turns
- For a v60, tighten the burrs all the way, and then go half a turn back. Some further adjustments may be required from there depending on the specific beans used. The suggested ratio is 8 oz/gal.
- For a Moka pot, which is somewhere between drip and espresso, adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching) then open up a notch or two.


It's best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks, or more often if you are using darker roasts. Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee. Make sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and allow the parts to fully dry before reassembling.

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