Rhino Digital Set Temp Beeping Thermometer

You no longer need to worry about serving burnt milk in your coffee with the Rhino Digital Set Temp Beeping Thermometer.

Ideal for professional baristas and at-home coffee connoisseurs alike, the Rhino Digital Set Temp Beeping Thermometer helps you achieve perfectly steamed milk on every occasion.

Set to beep when the milk has reached its optimal serving temperature, you can leave the milk to steam while you make your accompanying espresso, reducing the time it takes to make that perfect cup - an excellent plus if you’re busy in the kitchen at home or serving in a coffee-shop.

The thermometer’s digital reading panel is also a convenient sight gauge so you can keep an eye on the temperature as it steams, offering you the flexibility to monitor the final serving temperature for occasions where you may require a slightly hotter or cooler drink.

The Rhino Digital Set Temp Beeping Thermometer also comes equipped with a practical clip to hook on to your steaming jug.

With this handy little device, it’s practically impossible to serve an oversteamed cup that lacks in flavour and smooth consistency.


  • Audio and visual gauge for optimal convenience 
  • Fast and accurate temperature readings
  • Secure stainless steel clip
  • 13cm x 5 inches
  • Can be re-calibrated.