At Coffee Hit we've always looked for the best gear availble to help baristas make better coffee. Making great espresso is difficult enough without worrying about your espresso equipment. Key questions around your espresso gear are: Temperature stability, flow rate, serviceability, layout for workflow, steam capacity and repeatability.

For these reasons we work with the best available and for us La Marzocco has always been at the forefront of innovation. Utilising great temperature stability, superior flow rate and bringing innovation such as pressure profiling AV paddle control along with beautiful design makes us a proud supporter of La Marzocco espresso machines. We have worked with La Marzocco since 2008 and we live and breath their equipment.

Our latest machine to join the our distinguished list, the first in 8 years, is the Mavam. An innovation in under counter espresso machine. We truly believe this is the future of espresso machines. Imagine removing the espresso machinel off the bar and under counter and allowing you to talk to your customers whilst making them their coffee. 

Talk to us about you next machine and we can advise the best option for you. 

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