AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

Great-tasting coffee shouldn’t be confined to the kitchen or a café. But it’s tough finding a portable coffee-maker that doesn’t fill up your entire bag. Until now.

AeroPress Go is the new version of the popular AeroPress coffee maker which has stolen the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. Created as a response to the demand for an even more compact brewer, the device fits into a mug and allows you to make a cup of perfect black coffee anytime and anywhere - when travelling, on a hike or in the office.

This clever device combines the advantages of French Press, filter method and a traditional coffee maker, to make the preparation of flavoursome coffee really simple and quick. In addition, the brewer allows you to explore limitless flavours of coffee by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature and fine or coarse ground beans. You can brew up to 237ml of coffee at a time – standard mug size.

AeroPress v French Press

AeroPress fans believe this neat brewer offers better control over the taste and richness of the coffee than a French press which some say misses the mark when it comes to soaking up flavour.

Simple, fast and flavoursome brewing

This is our favourite recipe:

  • Add 1 scoop or 14g of freshly ground coffee. Grind so it resembles sand.
  • Boil fresh filtered hot water and wait 60 seconds before putting water onto the coffee. 85C is ideal.
  • Add water to about 15mm below the rim
  • Stir for 10 seconds
  • Add a touch more hot water to top up then plunge the AeroPress slowly! You can then add some more hot water if you wish, place in a travel mug and off you go!!

Does the AeroPress make good espresso?

The AeroPress doesn't make good espresso as you might know it. It's more like a strongly brewed cup of coffee. There are attachments, like the Fellow Prismo that try to improve on its espresso-making capabilities and these are worth a try if you want your coffee closer to espresso style. But if you like your coffee brewed black then the AeroPress is for you.





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