Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe

The Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe is the perfect counterpart to the Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. This serving vessel enables you to pour multiple cups of tasty coffee with ease. Whether you’re brewing for a large group of people or for yourself, you can consistently achieve the perfect drip coffee or cold brew with the Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe. 

Using the Fellow Carafe 

Giving you the chance to serve delicious, consistent coffee; this beautifully-shaped carafe elevates your kitchen aesthetic. It also features subtle, easy-to-follow ratio aid dots that help you pour perfectly measured servings with optimal coffee-to-water ratio. 

In terms of cleaning, this Fellow Carafe is only suitable for hand washing rather than the dishwasher.  

About the Fellow Brand

Fellow is a unique collection of coffee enthusiasts and designers who are passionate about innovation and elevation. With awards for their equipment in abundance, they design a range of kitchenware that combines style and performance. 

Key Features of the Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe 

A double wall of hand-blown borosilicate glass retains heat for longer with no condensation outside of the glass. It’s also extremely durable and heat-resistant, and thanks to the silicone lid, it can maintain the heat of your coffee for longer than most glass carafes. 

Product Specifications 


Capacity: 20 oz or 0.6L  

Product dimensions:16 x 14 x 20 cm 

Weight: 789.25 Grams 

Materials: Double-walled borosilicate glass carafe and silicone lid. 


Note: Dripper not included.

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