Flojet Accumulator Tank


  • Internal bladder
  • Smoother, more even flow
  • Quieter water system
  • Longer pump life
  • Easily fitted to new or existing systems
  • Compact size
  • Quick-connect/disconnect port flttings
  • Mounting point for optional pressure switch
  • Food grade materials, NSF Standard 18 listed


Tank: Food-grade, nylon shell, butyl liner, stainless steel fasteners.

Total internal volume: 21.5 oz.(.65L)

Max operating pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)

Pre-charge pressure: 10 psi (.07 bar)

Air fill valve: standard automotive style tire valve Dimensions: 8.4 in.(214 mm) Long X 4.68 in.(119 mm) Wide Weight: 0.96 lbs. (0.44 kg)

IMPROVES MOST AUTOMATIC WATER SYSTEMS This accumulator tank is intended for installation in any pumped water system controlled by a pressure switch, and may also be used with air-driven pumps. The tank can serve as storage vessel as well as a pulsation dampener for pressurized fluid. The accumulator tank smoothes water flow and reduces on/off switch cycling of the pump by lessening the variation in pressure and flow between the pump and the system discharge points. The even flow of water gives better control of hot water temperature with systems using instant water heaters. PRE-CHARGE PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT The accumulator tank is pre-charged at 10 psi (0.7 bar). If your pump electric pump cut-in pressure is significantly different you may adjust the tank pressure to better suit your particular installation. To increase air pressure in tank, shut pump off, open a faucet to relieve system pressure and adjust precharge pressure using ordinary tire gauge and tire pump at valve in end of tank. Pressure should be checked from tome to time. To check tank pressure: turn off power to water pump, open a faucet to relieve pressure. Check tank pressure, adjust if necessary. Close faucet and turn on power to pump. For best results, do not pressurize tank above 20 psi (1.4 bar)

TYPICAL INSTALLATION Disconnect power supply to electric pump, or air supply to air-driven pump. For municipal water supply, shut off water supply (not necessary on static or tank water supply). Open the faucet or appliance discharge valve. Tank installs anywhere in-line on discharge side of pump.Fasten hose to inlet/outlet fittings securely with hose clamps. Failure to do so may result in flooding and /or equipment damage. Restore water supply, then restore power supply. Allow water to flow through pump and out final discharge point in order to eliminate air from system. Tank may be mounted in any position. To remove the tank from the system, always disconnect power source to the pump, and open a faucet or appliance to safely vent water under pressure.



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