Rhino Coffee Gear Recessed Blender Rinser 600mm


How do you clean your blender jugs?

In a sink? Keep the tap running? Its a hassle? Dishwasher?

Answer yes to any of the above and the new Rhino Blender Rinser is for you!

Quickly and easily rinse out blender jugs on the go. Then leave them draining ready for next service use. Its super clean, super easy and will save staff time and water costs.

The RHPR600-BL also features the Rhino Spinjet Valve, which spins and sprays in a fast, sweeping action, easily removing stubborn waste from your vessel. Its low profile body is optimally sloped and angled to ensure effective removal of liquids, reducing common odours caused from static waste. The large actuator plate supports blender jugs and larger vessels such as plungers and milkshake cups. 

This rinser kit contains: 
1 x Rhino 600mm Rinser (RHPR600) 
1 x Rhino Rinser Blender Attachment (RHBRM) 
1 x Rhino Rinser Riser (RHBUSH) 
1 x Rhino Spinjet Upgrade (RHSPINUPGRADE)

- 3 piece drain tray
- 2 spray mechanism positions
- Rhino Spinjet Valve
- Low profile body
- Large actuator plate
- Easy to clean
- NSF Certified

- Dimensions: 238mm (W) x 600mm (L) 185mm (D) approx. (Height inclusive of Riser)
- Materials: Stainless Steel

Please Note - It is recommended that a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) is used when installing on a mains water line.

Do not cut out bench top surfaces prior to receiving your rinser: Due to slight variations in manufacturing design and the varying requirements of bench materials, it is strongly recommended to have the physical vessel rinser on-hand prior to cutting into bench top surfaces. Bombora Supplies does not take responsibility for errors concerning installation and provides the sizes and dimensions as a layout guide only. 

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