January 17, 2023 2 min read

Start as you mean to go on

If you’re looking for an entry-level grinder to begin your fine fresh-ground coffee journey, the Baratza Encore is a fabulous choice for you. And it’s so reliable and consistent that you might never need to upgrade – depending on how far your journey takes you, of course.

Quality and durability

The Encore is a highly efficient burr grinder, using precision-engineered conical burrs for strong performance and durability. Baratza machines are designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning, maintenance and repairs, so this is a grinder that could last you a lifetime.

Why start with a burr grinder?

Choosing a high-quality burr grinder like the Encore is always the best option for those looking for an excellent grind result from an electric grinder.

Cheaper and very noisy blade grinders will slice coffee beans at high speed. This is far from ideal when it comes to releasing the optimum flavour and aroma. A burr grinder crushes and then grinds the bean, which delivers the maximum heady aromatics for your fresh brew.

Stylish and practical

The Encore is compact easy to use. The sleek design also looks good on your countertop. The front-mounted pulse button helps you grind on demand into the basket for the precise amount you need for your daily brew.

The ground bin conveniently stores waste and the Encore’s clever and effective engineering gets the most from each bean and minimises grounds deposits inside the grinder.

If you need to extend the hopper size, you can purchase a hopper extender: which increases capacity by a further nine ounces.

So, is the Baratza Encore the perfect choice for you?

The Encore will fulfil the grinding needs of most beginners and more experienced fresh coffee enthusiasts, providing a quality grind for everything from espresso to French press brews.

It is a perfect first grinder, which will last for years and will provide consistently good results as you explore the world of fine coffee.

However, if you are already an absolute coffee purist, buying only fresh beans from local or artisan roasters, and experimenting with different mineralization of water for your brews, then you might benefit from a more advanced grinder from a higher price bracket. Check out our recommendations for the best grinders for 2022 to see more options.

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