January 17, 2023 2 min read

The short answer to this question is no.

However, the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is still creating a huge buzz among fine filter coffee aficionados. You’re probably already aware that this impressive grinder is particularly noted for its ease of use and precision grinding capability.

It looks stylish in any kitchen, with its sleek, minimalist design and cool matt black finish.

The Ode also comes with a handy grinds knocker, smooth magnetically-aligned catch and auto-stop function.

Just right for a single brew

The Fellow Ode has a unique single dose load bin, making it the perfect choice for the true café experience in your own home.

Without a conventional bean hopper, you reduce the potential for oxidation of your precious coffee by exposure to air, making every brew as fresh and aromatic as the last.

The absence of a hopper also makes this machine very compact. This means that it takes up less counter space than a conventional electric grinder.

Precise, quieter grinding

Like the grinders in your favourite coffee shop, the Ode features 64mm professional-grade flat burrs for optimum grind quality. It also has 31 precision grind settings.

It has additional noise reduction features to make your morning coffee routine quieter and even more relaxing.

…but not suitable for espresso!

This grinder has been specifically designed for filter use. It is engineered with interlocking flat burrs, which don’t produce as fine a result as standard flat burrs.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you use this grinder for espresso.

For all your espresso needs, consider instead trying the excellent Baratza Encore Grinder (simply referred to as "The best" by one of our customers), or check out our recommendations for the best coffee grinders for more inspo.


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