January 17, 2023 2 min read

Get grinding

We are asked the same burning question all the time by coffee enthusiasts:

What is the best way to replicate that coffee shop taste experience at home?

As coffee experts, although we say so ourselves, our answer is always this: get a coffee grinder!

With your own coffee grinder, you need only grind the weight of beans that you need for each brew. Coffee beans stay fresher for longer than ground coffee, as they do not oxidate in the air until they are crushed. This keeps all the flavour and aroma locked inside the bean until you use it.

And an electric coffee grinder is an efficient and convenient way to get the best from your beans.

 Why get an electric grinder?

One of the main benefits of choosing electric coffee grinders instead of manual ones is how handy they are. They are very quick and easy to use, producing the exact amount and grind size of coffee that you need in a matter of seconds. Minimal effort from you and your coffee is perfectly ground and ready to be brewed.

Don’t choose the cheapest

Some electric coffee grinders are considerably cheaper than others you might see, but we would advise caution with these models. They usually contain blades, which slice your beans in much the same way as a blender. This is not only very noisy, but more importantly, it produces coffee that is less than ideal.

For the best results, coffee beans should be crushed and ground, to release their full flavour, and therefore if cost is a factor then a good hand coffee grinder would be a much better option than a bladed electric one. 

However, a well-engineered and designed electric coffee grinder is an outstanding and lasting addition to your kitchen, giving you that real café experience at a fraction of the cost and letting you make the most of the world’s finest coffee beans.

Check out our blog on the best coffee grinders for 2022 for more advice on finding the best grinder for you.

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