January 17, 2023 3 min read

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new roaster to our books – a big welcome to 39 Steps who started out in Soho in 2018 and are slowly but surely dominating the London scene.

With coffees sourced from a wide range of the finest coffee-producing countries in the world, ranging from the light and fruity to the deliciously chocolatey, you’ll be hard pressed to find something you don’t like!

39 Steps is the most recent roaster to join our coffee subscription platform which aims to bring the UK’s finest artisan roasters direct to your door. Delectable seasonal coffees shouldn’t be hard to access – and with the arrival of 39 Steps the list just keeps on growing!

Coffee of the highest quality

Quality is a top priority for 39 Steps, who take their sourcing processes and quality control procedures seriously. Making sure to cup their coffees hundreds of times they’re able to observe how well the coffee fares after it’s travelled from its country of origin to their roastery, and throughout their roasting process too. In their own words they say that “this process of repetition – analysing a coffee profile, dissecting and improving it to be the best possible product we can fashion, enables us to provide you a cup of coffee to the highest quality.”

Fair and ethical sourcing

But quality isn’t their only bag. Giving back, both to the farmers and their coffee loving customers is high up their list of priorities too. Most of their coffee is bought direct from origin, meaning they’re able to build relationships with the farmers who produce the coffee to ensure full traceability and generate fairer prices for the people who deserve it the most.

And for those coffee connoisseurs who love coffee as much as they do - 39 Steps provide workshops and courses at their Specialty Coffee Association approved roastery, with coffee education being an integral part of their mission.

There’s something for everyone

From espresso roasts to filter, 39 Steps have a wide range of coffees to try, available in both 250g or 1kg bags, whole bean or pre-ground ready for your favourite pour-over or drip coffee makers.

If you prefer methods of brewing like the V60 or Chemex then why not try Basha Bekele? Hailing from Sidma, Ethiopia this coffee is smooth and velvety, kicking off with an intense bittersweet raw cacao and orange peel flavour, before transitioning to sweet blueberry jam and finishing with a refreshing note of anise seeds. Perfect for filter coffee.

If espresso is more your thing, try Muduku – originating in Uganda with notes of vanilla, cherry and dark chocolate, this coffee has a remarkable sweetness where the acidity is perfected by a syrupy and thick sensation on the tongue.

And for those who want a hit of caffeine but not the full dose we’ve got the answer to your prayers! The 50:50 Blend features 50% Fazenda Vila Boa – a natural processed Brazilian coffee from Sul de Minas – and 39 Steps’ own Colombian Tres Pioneros Decaf, originating in Huila. With notes of dark chocolate, biscuit and cherry, this coffee has been joined together in perfect harmony to create a balanced blend, giving a slight caffeine hit without sacrificing any of that rich flavour that so many decafs do.

There’s plenty to choose from – you’re bound to find something you absolutely love with this collection. For the full list of coffees available from 39 Steps click here.

And to experience the delight that is receiving the finest UK artisan coffees delivered direct to your door - why not sign up for our coffee subscription service and embark on a new taste adventure every month.