January 17, 2023 2 min read

You love coffee, right?

You’re a serious coffee fan. You drink only freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. You geek out over artisan roasts.

You even read coffee blogs, maybe…?

Looking for the best

You may already own a coffee grinder, for that real café experience in your own kitchen. But maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing grinder?

Or perhaps you’re a new enthusiast seeking to go into the home grinding experience way above entry-level?

We’ve got you covered with a list of our recommendations for the highest-quality coffee grinders that will give you an awesome brew, every time.

Best manual

Some think that a manual grinder is a compromise. However, the Comandante Hand Grinder is the supreme manual grinder.

It features high precision carbon steel burrs. Any grind size from espresso through to French press can be achieved.

It’s brilliantly engineered and a joy to use. One effortless turn of the hand crank and you will find this machine rivals any electric grinder, with all the portability and ease of storage of a manual.

Hardest wearing coffee grinder

If you’re looking for a relationship with your coffee grinder that will last forever, then the Baratza Forte is your perfect match.

The stainless steel case means it will withstand a lifetime of bumps and scratches. It is also attractive, compact and very functional.

Its unique flat ceramic burrs make perfect ground coffee for espresso, or any grind size you could desire.

The Forte features a touch screen interface, letting you grind by weight or time, and additional levers let you refine even further.

The ultimate

If you’ve looked at the other options and decided you want the best of the best, then our final recommendation scores most highly in all categories, in our expert opinion.

This is the ultimate. (If it wasn’t already clear, we love this machine.)

The Baratza 270Wi is the crème-de-la-crème of home coffee grinders, standing head and shoulders above the rest. It’s packed with the highest-spec features such as precise weighing technology, vibration filtering, quick burst functionality and Bluetooth.

More information

Take a look at our full range of coffee grinders if you need more inspo. Alternatively, read this blog for more information on our recommended high-quality grinders and other great options.

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