January 17, 2023 2 min read

Products created in China have acquired a negative reputation over the years, with many consumers believing Chinese-made goods automatically equal poor quality. 

Others even assume that items deriving from this part of the world are poorly built and could even pose a health hazard. 

While there is no doubt some products will be substandard – as is the case anywhere - it would be wrong to assume this is the case for every item exported from this country. In fact, some of the world’s most sought-after consumer products, like the iPhone – are built in China, so maybe it’s time to challenge those assumptions that there’s something wrong with manufacturers from China and the neighbouring Far East Asian region.

It’s important to remember that most items produced in China are built to a company’s exact specifications. And that company will want to meet the expectations of their clients living in Europe, for example. So instead of looking at the country of manufacture for any shortcomings, you might do well to look, in fact, at the company itself, from whom the design instructions and specification originate. 

Take Rhinowares, for example. Rhino Coffee Gear is an industry leader in commercial-grade coffee brewing gear. They have developed a strong reputation for their high-quality, durable products, including grinderspitchersscales, and barista accessories such as their popular cloth setshot glasses, and knock chute

Rhino Coffee Gear 

Rhino products are manufactured in China. Yet, because they are intelligently engineered with a common-sense design, quality is not compromised. The team at Rhino is passionate about maintaining high standards, and this is reflected in the quality and popularity of their product range. Rhino products are one of Coffee Hit’s best-selling range.

Baratza Coffee Gear

The same can be said for Baratza grinders produced in neighbouring Taiwan. Baratza produces some of the best home and commercial grinders available globally, whether you are looking at entry-level models like the Baratza Encore – all the way through to commercial-grade grinder like the Baratza Forte Grinder. Aside from which the customer service from Baratza is exemplary.

But sometimes, you might prefer to buy as local as possible, so we’ve put together some of our top picks for great quality grinders that are made a little closer to home. 

Coffee Gear Made In Europe


Comandante grinders are made in Germany. These high-precision hand coffee grinders feature a Nitro Blade® conical burr set that are the result of years of research. The comandante hand grinder can hold its own against any electric grinder available today and is our pick for Best Performance Hand Grinder


These grinders are made in Lichenstein. With the ETZ-Man grinder, precision engineering has done away with the muscle and hard work that can come with a manual hand grinder. Boasting no cables, electricity, or waste, the ETZ-Man is also our pick for the Most Environmentally Friendly Hand Grinder.

The Etz-l  doesn’t disappoint either. Based on their RRB (Rotating Ring Burr) mechanism with its AS-Jig that was first introduced with the Baratza Sette, they’re setting new standards for manual grinding. Available in both Regular and Trim, a retractable crank with ergonomic handle makes manual grinding easy – and fast.

If you’re not sure where to start, or what to look out for when choosing your coffee grinder, we’ve created a comprehensive guide, that you can check out here