Baratza Sette 270Wi Display Assembly

Replacement display assembly for the Sette 270W to upgrade it to the Sette 270Wi. This part is compatible with all Sette 270Ws but does require an update to the grinder’s software pack to function correctly. See details below for more information.

Converting the 270W to Wi involves flashing the firmware via an iOS phone or tablet. This should not be taken lightly, as a corrupted firmware flash can compromise the hardware and result in additional expenses/labour. Even when executed with precision, the conversion process may be unsuccessful for various reasons. Once converted, the unit cannot be reverted back to a 270W.

In the event of an unsuccessful home conversion of units in the UK/Ireland, the unit will have to be sent to Coffee Hit for a flat rate paid conversion, available on our grinder repair programme page. Warranty does not cover failed conversions.


  • The “i” in 270Wi stands for intelligence – the grinder now quickly calculates and predicts the point at which grinding stops after a change to grind setting, beans, or dose weight. This eliminates the need to adjust the offset.
  • The new software maximizes the grinder’s built-in Acaia high precision scale by filtering unpredicted vibrations that could affect weighing accuracy.
  • A “quick burst” (pulse) feature allows you to add small increments of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped.
  • Future software updates will be available wirelessly via integrated Bluetooth using iOS devices.

Installation instructions here:

Remember if you get stuck,  if things go wrong or you just want us to do it you can purchase our Upgrade My 270W! service and we will upgrade your grinder and send it back to you.