Filtropa Size 4 Filter Papers

Filtropa Size 4 Coffee Filter Papers: Premium Drip Brewing Excellence with Filtropa Filters

Enjoy delicious cups of coffee at home withFiltropa size 4 coffee filter papers. Specifically designed forfiltropa coffee filters excellence, these papers elevate drip brewing to new heights with unmatched precision.

Filtropa coffee filters provide sturdy construction, combined with the ideal porosity, to guarantee a clean cup of coffee, free from unwanted sediment or bitterness.

Experience the best in coffee filtration technology withFiltropa coffee filters, designed to fit perfectly in any standard size 4 drip coffee makers. OurFiltropa filters ensure a pure and flavorful brew every time.

Key Information

  • Size 4 filter papers.Fit perfectly in any standard size 4 drip coffee makers
  • Quality bleached coffee filter paper. Strong and sturdy, and won’t tear or break during use
  • Easily make delicious drip brew coffee. Tailored exclusively for coffee drip brewing, these filters guarantee a brew that's both pure and brimming with full-bodied flavour
  • Simple to use. Simply place the filter papers in the coffee filter holder, and let the coffee flow through
  • Safe production. Whitened using an oxygen-based process. A safe choice for you, and the environment
  • Eco-friendly. Fully biodegradable, and can be disposed of after use without harming the environment

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Whether used in professional settings or for home brewing, Filtropa size 4 filter papers consistently deliver a smooth and rich coffee experience, reflecting their reputation for reliability and excellence in the world of pour-over coffee.

Product Details

Filtropa size 4 coffee filter papers, available in boxes of 100, are not only compostable and biodegradable but also the ideal choice for discerning brewers. Perfect for devices like the Clever Coffee Dripper, Moccamaster, and Bonavita Coffee Maker, thesefiltropa coffee filters 4 are crafted for those who demand excellence in their drip-brewed coffee.

FAQ Section

Why choose Filtropa coffee filters for your coffee brewing?

The Filtropa coffee filters are the industry standard filters for brewing drip coffee. They fit perfecly coffee brewers like the Clever Coffee Dipper, Moccamaster Dripp Coffee Machine and Bonavita Coffee Maker.

What makes Filtropa size 4 differnt from other filters?

Filtropa coffee filters are bleached filters which means all the loose and excess paper pulp has been removed. This gives a much cleaner tasting drip coffee than unbleached coffee filters.

Product Range







190mm top corner to corner


1 x 100


1 cup


Single use