Flojet Bottled Water Pump for Espresso Machines

The Flojet Plus Bottled Water Pump is the perfect solution for your remote or mobile coffee bar needs. This water bottle pump can deliver recipe-quality water to your espresso machine, rinser, hot water dispenser, and more. With the ability to fit office style water bottles or Jerry Cans, this pump easily connects to your equipment, eliminating the need for multiple pumps.

Featuring an illuminated On/Off switch for easy visibility, a long life motor for reliable operation, and a Flojet diaphragm pump for dependable run dry capabilities, this system is designed for convenience and efficiency. The quick connect port allows for easy wand replacement, while the quiet operation ensures minimal noise pollution.

Not only does the Flojet Bottled Water Pump provide reliable performance, but it also helps to protect the environment by eliminating the need for water filters in refrigerator dispensing systems. This system has been proven to serve over two million cups of coffee per day in cafes and coffee shops worldwide, backed by the Flojet brand's 35 years of operational excellence.

Upgrade your espresso machine with the Flojet Plus Water Bottle Pump and enjoy filtered water for your equipment. With easy installation and high-quality components, this pump is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast. Don't miss out on the convenience and efficiency of the Flojet Bottled Water Pump - purchase yours today!

Model: BW5003-000A