Nucleus Paragon Espresso

Paragon Espresso was created in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) after researching the effect of temperature on volatile aroma compounds retention and the resulting sensory flavour outcomes in coffee.

ZHAW measured up to 40% more key aroma volatile compounds in the final brew than the same brew with no chilling.


  • Includes 2 x Paragon Espresso mounts and 4 x Chilling Rocks.

  • Innovation and design patented.

  • Extract chilling technology to enhance flavours.

  • Paragon is proven to capture and express aromatic volatile compounds (up to 40% more).

  • 30mm chilling rock, intentionally designed for espresso.

  • Two sided height adjustable design to accomodate different cups and coffee machines.

  • Rubber grips for anti-slip and stability.

  • Efficient workflow, easily transferable to any cup.

  • Lightweight aluminium design.

• Designed in Australia.