Rhino Recessed Pitcher Rinser 600mm with SpinJet

Introducing the new Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm with SpinJet! Rhino's finest milk pitcher rinser available. This rinser has been so well received it's now in over 2000 Starbuck cafes in the USA. 

Rhino has been selling pitcher rinsers for 10 years and have put everything they have learned over that time into designing the ultimate pitcher rinser.

The Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm with SpinJet is a commercial recessed pitcher rinser designed for cafes and bars that want to quickly and conveniently rinse and clean vessels between use. Saving time, money and increased productivity.

Spin Jet Cleaning

The Rhino SpinJet valve sprays and spins water at high velocity to create a spinning vortex of cleaning. Much more effective than just spray holes. This means your vessel is cleaned better and quicker than ever before.

Honeycomb Drain Tray

The honeycomb grate design means much less surface area. When coming up with this design CaffeWerks head designer Terry Ziniewicz was looking for something that was strong, yet had a low surface area. he looked to nature and realised the honeycomb design provided the answers. This means less waste sits on the drain grate and keeps your rinser clean.

Low Profile

The low profile body is the thinnest on the market. This means you can still fit appliances under the rinser, which is not possible with other bucket-style rinsers. The body is sloped towards the drain, meaning faster and more effective draining of liquid. No more warm milk sticking! This rinser fixes that problem.

Large Drain Outlet

Rhino has added a full 2-inch drain outlet for faster drainage - to keep up with peak demand. It is 3 x larger than other rinsers.

Brand New Actuator Star

The round rod design means no milk sits on the actuator plate. Genius. With other rinsers the milk often pools on top of the plate and contaminates your pitchers or brewing vessels. It's also bigger, taking a 32oz/1 litre pitcher no problem. It'll rinse a 6-cup Chemex with ease.

Why do I need a Pitcher Rinser?

In the early days, we would get asked this a lot! But once cafes started installing them and baristas started embracing them it became a no-brainer!

Go to any speciality cafe and you will see Rhino rinsers. This new model is completely updated and overhauled. A must-have for any cafe.

So what do rinsers bring to my cafe?

You've probably been into your local high street coffee chain and seen about 10-20 milk pitchers with hot milk in them and crusted milk on the outside and worse on the inside. It's like going into a restaurant and they use the same frying pan all day without cleaning it between orders and leaving some of the old food on the pan for the next order. Gross!

The Pitcher Rinser keeps your milk pitchers clean and fresh. Between orders dump the used milk and clean the pitcher ready for the next order. This means your customer gets fresh clean milk in their coffee, not re-heated milk from 10 minutes ago or the previous order's milk. Like ordering scrambled eggs and the cafe has some left over from previous and mixes it in with your order and heats it all through. Not on! Clean, clean, clean! With the rinser conveniently installed near the espresso machine, it makes it easy for the barista to clean on the go with no stopping.

It keeps them fresh and cool. The colder you have the milk and pitcher the longer you can steam and stretch the milk, making a better more velvety milk, perfect for latte art. The Rhino Pitcher Rinser adds the benefit of cooling the pitcher down, giving your barista more time to steam and create velvety milk - making your latte art a whole lot better.

Dimensions (appox): Width: 238mm x Length: 600mm x Depth: 85mm (from drain elbow to top of bench).

Please note: Due to slight variations in manufacturing design and the varying requirements of bench materials, it is strongly recommended to have the physical pitcher rinser on hand prior to cutting into benchtop surfaces. We take no take responsibility for installation cut out errors and provides the sizes and dimensions as a layout guide only.

The Maximum recommended working pressure of 2.4bar (35psi) and a flow rate 120lp/h approx. If you have high water pressure then you will need to install a Pressure Reducing Valve