Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit

Compatible with Toddy® SB Paper and Tree Free Filters | The industry's first sensory evaluation solution designed specifically for cold brew, the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit allows you to explore brewing variables and how they impact flavor profile. By holding other variables constant, the kit allows you to easily isolate the variable you're experimenting with, such as grind size, brew ratios, turbulence, and dwell time.

When paired with the Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Protocol and Cupping Form, you have a solution that permits cold brew cupping to follow a qualitative protocol similar to that used with traditional cupping. The Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit utilizes single-use, compostable filters (rather than metal mesh screens that are prone to clogs). Each kit includes 12 paper and 12 tree free filters.

What's Included:

Brewing vessel
Filter basket
24 single-use filters (12 paper and 12 tree free)