Water Jerrycan 25L

Whether you have a mobile cart or stand alone set up for trade shows and exhibitions these 25L Jerry cans work hand in hand with the Flojet bottled water pump.

Also useful to use as waste containers.

Id suggest to have 3 as a minimum. One for waste, one with fresh water being used and one with fresh water on stand by.

These jerrycans are lightweight and extremely tough. Come with a screw top lid for water transport.

They are food safe so can safely used for driniking water.

    • Type: Heavy Duty Stackable
    • Capacity: 25L
    • Lid Type: DIN 61 Screw cap
    • Brim Full Capacity: 26.5L
    • Weight: 1100 +/-20
    • Colour: Natural
    • Material: HDPE
    • Height: 46cm
    • Width: 28cm
    • Depth: 22cm