November 09, 2023 4 min read

Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on the 24th November and the 27th November in 2023. Get ready for deals on electric coffee grinders, hand coffee grinders, coffee scales, milk pitchers, coffee machines and much more throughout the cyber weekend!

Now is the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain on some high-quality coffee gear, or perhaps buy a gift for the coffee lover in your life for Christmas.

Our Best Black Friday Coffee Deals

Discover our best Black Friday coffee deals below, offering you big savings on a range of quality coffee equipment. Claim your Black Friday discount throughout the Cyber Weekend, with fast UK delivery available.

We are offering 10% off electric Fellow grinders, 15% off non-electric Fellow grinders, 15% off Comandante and Sage products, and 20% off Rhino and Brewista coffee products this Black Friday.

But that is not all. We are also offering an exclusive 40% discount on a range of quality coffee products on Black Friday and the Cyber Weekend too. 

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a passionate home brewer, our Black Friday deals will help to take your coffee game to new heights.

40% Off Black Friday Coffee Deals

Get ready to elevate your coffee game with incredible savings this Black Friday! Enjoy a fantastic 40% off on the following premium coffee products. Redefine your coffee brewing experience without breaking the bank.

Shop Fellow Coffee Products

Fellow coffee products are prized by professionals and homebrewers alike, offering a perfect blend of precision engineering and aesthetic appeal.

This Black Friday and cyber weekend, feast your eyes on our discounts of 10% off electric Fellow products and 15% off non-electric Fellow products. 

Our Most Popular Fellow Gear 

Shop Comandante Products

Comandante crafts top-notch coffee products, including precision hand grinders prized by enthusiasts and pros. With German engineering and quality materials, their tools promise durability and exceptional flavour, redefining the coffee experience.

Throughout Black Friday and the cyber weekend, we are offering 15% off all Comandante products.

Our Most Popular Comandante Gear


Shop Sage Products

Sage offers a diverse range of innovative coffee products tailored for both home baristas and professionals. From cutting-edge espresso machines to smart grinders, Sage combines technology with intuitive design, simplifying the art of coffee brewing.

Across Black Friday and the cyber weekend, we are offering 15% off or entire range of Sage products.

Our Most Popular Sage Gear

Shop Rhino Coffee Products

Rhino coffee equipment is renowned for its precision and durability, making it a trusted choice among baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

We are offering 20% off all Rhino coffee products this Black Friday and cyber weekend. That means great deals on quality coffee scales, milk pitchers, coffee tampers and more.

As well as our standard 20% off on Rhino products, we are also offering a massive 40% discount on the Rhino Small Hand Grinder and the Rhino Stealth Scale to get you started on the right foot on your coffee brewing adventures! 

Our Most Popular Rhino Gear

Shop Brewista Products

Brewista stands out for its commitment to simplifying the coffee brewing process while maintaining a focus on excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.

Throughout the cyber weekend we are offering 20% off our entire Brewista range. Our best Brewista deal is on the Tornado Glass Dripper, which is available at a 40% discount throughout the Cyber weekend. 

Our Most Popular Brewista Gear

Buy Coffee Machines and Coffee Makers

Revolutionise your coffee game and unlock the aroma of savings with our exclusive Black Friday deals on top-notch espresso machines and coffee makers. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technology, discover the perfect brew companion at unbeatable prices.

Our Top Pick

Buy Coffee Grinders

Are you looking for a coffee grinder to elevate your coffee ritual? Get ready to grind and save with our Black Friday deals on both hand and electric grinders. Fresher and bolder brews are just a purchase away.

If you are looking for the best discount on a coffee grinder, we are offering a huge 40% saving on the Fellow Ode Gen 1.

Our Top Pick


Enjoy Exclusive Deals This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a passionate home brewer, our Black Friday deals on coffee grinders, coffee scales, kettles and everything in between are your ticket to elevating your coffee game without breaking the bank. Snap up exclusive deals on coffee equipment from leading brands this Black Friday and cyber weekend with Coffee Hit. 

Black Friday might be over in 2023, but Christmas is just around the corner! Check out our curated list of our top Christmas coffee gifts.